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Tired? Wheezy? Cold's won't go away? Allergies or asthma sapping your strength? It's a common problem these days, and doctors put the blame squarely on polluted air. It's time to do something about it!

The place to start is in your own home, for two good reasons. First, you spend more time breathing the air in your home than anywhere else. Second, according to EPA, indoor air can be 70 times more heavily polluted than outside air.And if you have babies or young children in your family, then it is doubly important to remove polluted air from your home. Breathing contaminated air can condemn a child to a lifetime of misery - because allergies, once developed, never go away, and can lead to chronic asthma, and worse.

The EWTS Clean Air System, here, at last, is the answer. A breakthrough technology which removes the airborne particles that are the source of the problem.Installed in your home, the EWTS Clean Air System will clean all the air in every room, continuously.

No other residential air cleaner can offer such a high level of performance.The EWTS Clean Air System gets out all the dirt because it is the first, and only, residential whole-house air cleaner with the newlydiscovered principle of Turbulent Flow Precipitation. Users report instant relief when they install a EWTS Clean Air System. To safeguard your health,and the health of your family, you should find out more about this final answer to one of the biggest problems of life today.


The new EWTS Clean Air System Turbulent Flow Precipitator (TFP) Air Cleaner offers particle-removing performance similar to the most sophisticated systems used in hospitals, laboratories and industry. It will purify the air in an average-size house at least 9 times every day.

No filters, no mess:
Most residential air cleaners depend on filters to remove particles. But filters just can't do the job that needs to be done! Typically, a filter-type air cleaner will remove only the largest particles - about 2 per cent of the total. The EWTS Clean Air System removes 99 per cent of the larger particles, 95 per cent of the mid-size particles, and at least 90 per cent of the truly dangerous submicroscopic particles.

There's another drawback to filters. They have to be checked frequently, and cleaned or replaced. Neglect this messy chore and performance falls off, dramatically. The EWTS Clean Air System captures particles in high-capacity storage media which need to be checked only once a year. EWTS Clean Air System gives you clean air, without the mess or the expense.

Turbulent Flow Precipitation and how it works:

Swirling air is forced through narrow channels inside the air cleaner. Airborne particles are flung against the walls of the channels by the turbulent air. The walls are made of a special material which captures the particles and removes them from the airstream. The result - dirty air in, clean air out, with no filters to limit the free flow of air!

EWTS Clean Air System particle capture rate:

When evaluating the performance claims of competitive air cleaners, what matters is not the weight of particles removed from the air but the number.

Simple Installation:

The EWTS Clean Air System (left) is normally installed out of sight in the regular air distribution system of your home. If you have no duct work, it's possible to add it economically.

Portable Model:

A portable console model (right) makes it easy to create a clean-air environment anywhere in the house.

Five reasons why you should make the EWTS Clean Air System your first choice:

1. The EWTS Clean Air System removes health-threatening particles from the air far more effectively than most other residential air cleaners.

2. It operates continuously at maximum efficiency without the need for constant adjustment and cleanout.

3. Its parts are made of the highest quality materials for long life.

4. It cleans the air throughout your home, benefitting all the family, all the time.

5. It allows air to circulate freely, without putting any extra load on your air distribution system.