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Aqua Master - W.S. Premium Whole House Water Filtration System

F.A.Q’s: Frequently Asked Question about the Aqua Master – W.S.
Q:  How does the Aqua Master - W.S. Premium Whole House Water Filtration System work?
A:  Unlike other lower quality systems on the market, the factory-direct Aqua Master - W.S. system is completely loaded with over 125 pounds of NSF® certified high-grade media designed/developed to completely remove Chlorine, Chloramine/Chloramines, sediment and/or particulate matter, cysts, copepods, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Synthetic Organic Compounds (SOCs), THMs (Chlorine by-product), PAHs (Chloramine by-product), trace heavy metals (i.e. lead, mercury, or iron), MTBEs, atrazine, benzene, xylene, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, tastes, odors and hundreds of other potential contaminants and harmful chemicals from the water entering your home.  The Aqua Master - W.S. utilizes a proprietary, patent-pending system design which facilitates an advanced water filtration process consisting of Multiple Stages.
Q:  How long does the Aqua Master - W.S. Whole House System last?
The unit is designed to be used for about 300,000 to 400,000 gallons for average household use, whichever occurs first; depending on the amount of chlorine in your water. The saturation of the media by contaminants may occur faster in different areas depending upon the condition of the water and the actual amount of water run through the filter on a daily basis.  Generally, it is recommended that the unit be replaced when there is a noticeable return of off-tastes or odors and/or noticeable drop in water pressure (assuming a reasonably clean .20-micron prefilter is currently in use).
Q:  How do I replenish my existing Aqua Master after it is used up?
A:  An Environmental Water Treatment Services professional will clean, sterilize and replenish the materials in your tank. Our convenient reminder notices will notify you when you are due for replacement.
Q:  How much maintenance is required for my Aqua Master - W.S. system?
A:  Typically, the only maintenance required for the Aqua Master - W.S. system is 0.20-micron prefilter replacement after 300,000 to 400,000 gallons of use.  The Aqua Master - W.S. control system is designed to be virtually maintenance-free for the life of the system.
 Q:  How often should I change the .20-micron prefilter on my Aqua Master - W.S. system?
A:  Approximately every 12 months, depending upon the actual amount of sediment or particulate matter present in your water supply.  Because the .20-micron prefilter (white in color when first installed) is in a clear screw-on prefilter canister, it can easily be visually checked for dirtiness or build-up of sediment or particulate matter.  Typically, when a .20-micron prefilter is extremely dirty, there will be a noticeable drop in water pressure through the Aqua Master - W.S. system since the water is no longer able to properly flow through it.
Q:  How much space does the complete Aqua Master - W.S. installation typically require?
  Requires minimal installation space, an area approximately 6-feet high by 3-feet wide by 1-foot deep.
Q:  Where should the complete Aqua Master - W.S. system be installed?
  The Aqua Master - W.S. system is a Point-of-Entry (POE) system, or whole-house/whole home system, and is usually installed, just after the water meter outside your home or in the garage. 
Q:  How difficult is it to install the complete Aqua Master - W.S. system?
  Easy. A standard installation will take about six hours with proper testing to ensure water quality.  Note: Only a qualified Environmental Water Technician professional should attempt installation to insure proper water quality and warranty validation.
 Q:  How much does it cost to install the complete Aqua Master - W.S. system?
A:  Installation is included in the purchase price.
Q:  Does the Aqua Master - W.S. remove COPEPODS from the water?
  Yes.  Since COPEPODES range from 30 microns to 50 microns in size, the Aqua Master – W. S.  0.20-micron prefilter will remove the COPEPODS.

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