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Alkaline Water Uses:

Reduced Water : When water is electrolyzed like in the EWTS Harmony, the new water that forms at the cathode (negative electrode) is called "alkaline reducing water."  The new water that forms at the anode (positive electrode) is called acidic oxidized water.  We want to drink the alkaline reduced water because it is rich in active hydrogen, which functions as a reducer.  Reducing is beneficial to the human body because it oxidizes toxins that build up in our cells from the digestion of food, also known as free radicals, improving our body's overall function.

Alkaline reduced water is :

1. Hexagonally shaped with great reducing capacity.

2. Quickly absorbed into the human body and rich in active hydrogen.

3. Has smaller water molecules clustered together, hydrating the body more efficiently.

More terms you should know :

PH Meter
pH stands for "potential of hydrogen." The pH scale measures the acidity and alkalinity of substances.  Water with a high pH is rich in active hydrogen, which detoxifies our body.
ORP stands for "oxygen reduction potential."  This is a scale which measures the ability of water to reduce or oxidize toxins.  A positive ORP means the water can't oxidize toxins.  A negative ORP means the water can.  So, water with a high pH will have a high negative ORP because of the high amount of active hydrogen.
When we drink high pH, high negative ORP water, we naturally detoxify our body, hydrate it, and feed it with oxygen.  This leads to better digestion, better metabolism, less stress, more energy, and much more, perfect for any member of our families.
The preset levels of the EWTS Harmony Water Ionizer :
The EWTS Harmony comes with seven preset pH and ORP levels, but is adjustable to as many as seventy with the "+" and "-" keys.

PH 10.0
The highest preset level is a pH of 10 with a negative ORP around -400.  This level is great for:

  Cooking Soup
  Washing Vegetables and Fruit
  Cooking Meat and Rice

It naturally balances the acid in food so when you're cooking acidic food, use this level.

PH 9.5
The next level is a 9.5 pH with a negative ORP around 319.  Because coffee and tea are acidic:

  This level is great for preparing coffee or tea.
  This is also the best level for adults to drink.

PH 9.0
This level is a 9.0 pH with a negative ORP around 239.  This is a good level for:

  Starting to drink alkaline reducing water.
  Your children may also enjoy this level more than the    higher ones.

PH 8.5
This level is an 8.5 pH with a negative ORP around 161.  This level is good for:

  Making powdered milk for infants and toddlers.
  Good for people with sensitive stomachs or stomach    illnesses.

PH 7.0
On this level, the water is only run through the filter.  It has a pH of seven an a positive ORP of 250.  It is a good level for:

  Taking medication.

Doctor's recommend neutral water so it doesn't interact with your meds.

PH 5.5
This level is a pH of 5.5 and a positive ORP of around 517.  This is a good level for:

  Washing toddlers and infants because it is gentle.
  Washing face and hair or brushing teeth.

Acid water has an astringent and constricting effect on what it comes in contact with. For this reason, it will tighten and smoothen your skin. It is also particularly effective in absorbing oil and dirt and killing bacteria.

PH 3.5
This level has a pH of 3.5 and a positive ORP of around 683.  This is a good level for:

  First aid for insect bites.
  Sterlization of sponges and chopping boards.
  For rashes, acne, and other skin problems.

More Uses for Alkaline Water :
Alkaline Water helps to regulate your physical condition. Here are some examples of conditions alkaline water can help with
  • Gastrointestinal Fermentation: If you drink alkaline water on an empty stomach, it will ease your discomfort.

  • Constipation: Drink alkaline water before you eat and it will hydrate your bowels and improve this condition.

  • Diarrhea: Since you quickly become dehydrated with diarrhea, alkaline water, with three times the concentration of water molecules, will help keep you hydrated and reduce discomfort.

  • High or Low Blood Pressure: Alkaline water will help regulate your blood pressure if you drink it one hour before eating.

  • Diabetes: Drink three cups or more on an empty stomach.
Alkaline Water in your Favorite Beverages :
Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Do you enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink?
  • Tea: alkaline water will make the color of the tea vivid, lessen the astringency, and make it mellow and delicious.

  • Coffee: You can use less coffee grounds and still have the same flavor and strength.

  • Alcohol: imparts a mellow and delicious taste and prevents the negative physical reactions associated with drinking alcohol as it will neutralize the acid.
Cooking with Alkaline Water :
Alkaline water brings out the real taste in food because it doesn’t break it down like acid water.
  • Cooked Food: Taste comes out fully, tender, not as much seasoning required.

  • Cooked Fish: The meat of the fish is firm.

  • Vegetables: the green color is brought out because the chlorophyll doesn't break down. It also neutralizes acidic components in the vegetables, removing the harsh taste.

  • Meat: When liver or red meat are soaked in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes, the blood is drawn out and the odors are eliminated.

  • Rice: alkaline water helps prevent spoilage.
Other Uses of Alkaline Water :
Animals and pets :
  • Can be used in their drinking water to maintain their health.

  • Less odor in feces.
Dying Garments :
  • Results in vivid colors.
Plants and Flowers:
  • Healthier
  • Live Longer
  • Need Less Water
  • Won't need pesticides
  • Extends the life of cut flowers
When Cooking Rice :
  • Wash the rice grains gently in weak alkaline water and soak them in strong alkaline water for 10 to 30 minutes. Steam the rice in the strong alkaline water you used. You will be able to taste shiny, moist, and soft rice whose taste will last.
Coffee or Tea :
  • Alkaline water eliminates the bitter and astringent taste of coffee and tea, while enriching the smooth taste and aroma.
Alcohol :
  • Drink 3-4 cups of weak alkaline water before and after drinking to lessen its effects.
When Cooking Bamboo, Tree Sprouts, etc. :
  • Cooking bamboo sprouts, tree sprouts, taro, and seaweed with alkaline water removes the pungent and acrid tastes of those vegetables, while enriching their natural flavors and aroma. Alkaline water also removes the odor from fish, while making them more tender and juicy.
When Cooking Fresh Meat and Astringent-Tasting Vegetables :
  • Soak them in alkaline water for 20-30 minutes before cooking, and you will experience the whole new level of taste with less odor and more savor.
Fruits and Vegetables :
  • Clean and store fruits and vegetables in alkaline water for longer lasting freshness.
Alcoholic Beverages and Cocktails :
  • Softens and smoothes the alcohol tastes.
More Uses for Acidic Ionized Water :

Acidic ionized water has an astringent and constricting effect on what it comes in contact with. For this reason, it will tighten and smoothen your skin. It is particularly effective in the treatment and prevention of pimples and rashes.
  • Your Face: improves the health of your face, makes it smoother, and more compatible with makeup.

  • Shampooing: Use acidic water before and after shampooing. This will protect your hair, prevent hair loss, itching, and dandruff. It leaves your hair soft and non-sticky.

  • Bathing: Mix in six to ten liters of acidic water in your bath, it will improve the overall health and beauty of your skin.
Home Remedies with Acidic Water :

Natural acidic water has a slight disinfecting and sterilizing ability, which makes it effective in treating minor skin wounds. It even kills the bacteria that cause bad breath. Here are some other benefits:
  • Gargling: Prevents infection of germs by killing the microbes that cause colds and tonsillitis.

  • Burns: Alleviates the pain of burns and hastens recovery.

  • Chapped Hands: Accelerates recovery from chapped hands.

  • Sunburn: relieves inflammation and accelerates recovery.

  • Abrasions and Cuts: disinfects and accelerates recovery.

  • Eczema and Acne: kills bacteria, keeps skin clean, improves condition.
Cooking with Acidic Water :

Due to its constricting effect, acidic water has a wide range of cooking uses:
  • Washing fruits and vegetables: kills harmful bacteria.

  • Boiling Eggs: when the shell cracks, the egg stays inside and after boiling the shell is easy to peel off.

  • Fish: tightens the meat of some fish, making it easier to cook.
Other uses for acidic water :

Natural acidic water has a slight bleaching effect. Here are some useful cleaning applications:
  • House cleaning: dirt and grime are removed.

  • Polishing: effectively cleans mirrors, glass, knives, and eyeglasses.

  • Washing Vehicles: dirt is removed easily.

  • Baths: the bath water is quickly heated, scale won’t adhere to tub. Great for use in your hot tub.

  • Cutting Board: quickly washes and disinfects.

  • Pots and pans with baked food: when soaked overnight, stains and burns are removed.

  • Sponges: Fungal and bacterial growth is stopped, preventing bad smells and contamination.

  • Odors on your hands: smell is removed and the itching is eliminated.

  • Pets: Acid water is great for bathing your pets as it helps prevent skin disease and itching and leads to an overall healthier coat of fur.
Bath and washing :

  • Acidic water helps replenish your skin to be more smooth and feel younger.

  • After washing hair with soap, rinse off with acidic water. It neutralizes the alkaline of the soap and makes your hair lustrous.
Cleaning tableware and chopping boards :

  • It works as an agent to sterilizing, preventing odors and whitening. It removes unseen germs.

  • Soak chopping boards, dishcloths, knives into the acidic water for 20-30 minutes once a week and you will have a fresh kitchen.
Brushing teeth and shaving :

  • If you make a habit of using acidic water for brushing teeth, it helps you to maintain healthy teeth with sterilizing and disinfecting results. Use acidic water as an astringent instead of toner or lotion for irritated skin after shaving.
Sterilization Effect :

  • Acidic water is effective agent for sterilizing bug bites to ease itching and also disinfects them.
Flower Arrangement :

  • Coat the stem of the flowers into diluted acidic water. This helps the flowers to be fresher for a longer time.
Cooking :

  • Cook noodles with acidic water. This will prevent the noodles from becoming soggy.

  • Use acidic water to coat fried dishes. It will help the dish to be crispier.