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Good Reading:


Reverse Aging

Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang, has over 60,000 copies in print, it is regarded as the original scientific thesis of the new theory of aging. The fact that excess acid is a major contributing factor of aging and degenerative diseases has been suspected for a long time. Reverse Aging, by Sang Whang, is the first book on the scientific explanation of this phenomenon; it is also the first to examine the concept of reverse aging strictly on a scientific approach. The subject matter is highly technical. However, the simple, easy-to-understand everyday language used in Reverse Aging to explain this and other health-related topics allows the average lay person to readily comprehend the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Reverse Aging is a 'must read' for anyone who is interested in the scientific approach to and the understanding of health, the maintenance of wellbeing and alternative medicine.

Alkalize or Die


The author's comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to overacidity in the system. By following this book's guidelines for choosing foods that create alkalinity, you can achieve a high level of vitality and strength, and learn to neutralize any type of stress. This powerful book carries an important message that can benefit everyone-a message that promises to revolutionize health care: Alkalize yourself and live! This is an excellent work. It describes the fundamental imbalance of the pH factor and the differential impact on a whole host of disease processes. The ideal diet should contain a fair amount of foods in the alkaline category. Too much acidity has been associated with many chronic conditions and diseases.




Written for the layman, this is the clearest explanation of Ionized Water available on the market. This book is NOT about lifting weights and pumping iron. COABB is about building the body at a Cellular level with nutrients and water. The two things we most lack in our diet are water and enzymes. The most important element for the body is water and there is no better water to drink than Ionized Water. Enzymes are found only in raw fruits and vegetables. The most powerful foods are Spirulina and Chlorella. Discover how supplementing your diet with these incredible whole foods and ionized water can save your health and help you to prevent diseases of every kind.




As a result of extensive research into the role of water in the body, the author, a medical doctor, believes that he has found chronic dehydration to be the cause of many conditions including asthma, allergies, arthritis, angina, migraine headaches, hypertension, raised cholesterol, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, depression, and diabetes in the elderly. According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, the body possesses many different thirst signals. A dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of your body's water needs. He describes a variety of more reliable ones, and helps you learn to understand when your body is calling for water. In this way, he claims you can prevent, treat, and cure a variety of conditions of ill health, at no cost, with what he calls nature's miracle medicine: Water. The author explains how much water one needs to drink a day to stay healthy, and why tea, coffee, and sodas are not good substitutes for water.