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About Carbon Activated Filters:


Activated Carbon Filter :

The nine stage filter in the EWTS Harmony is primarily an activated carbon based filter impregnated with silver and surrounded by ultra-filtration membranes.  Let’s talk about the activated carbon part of it first.   Most other water ionizer companies use this form of filtration.  With all the other filtration methods available, why is carbon the most popular?

For one, it’s the most effective.  Carbon filters are the best method for removing most general contaminants as well as specific organic chemicals including pesticides. Studies have also shown that carbon filters are effective for radon removal.  A carbon filter treats for general taste and odor problems as well as for chlorine and chloramine.  The way it works is when water passes through the carbon, contaminants stick to the surfaces of the carbon particles.

The primary reason why carbon filters are used in water ionizers is that they allow beneficial soluble minerals to pass through the filter and into the ionizing chamber.  Once in the ionizing chamber, the minerals are micro-clustered or drawn together by the electrical current and combined with oxygen and ions to form antioxidants, which detoxify and energize our bodies.

A third reason why carbon filters are used is because they are relatively inexpensive to replace for the consumer.

When carbon filters were tested in Seoul, Korea, lead, fluoride, arsenic, cyanide, mercury, selenium, chromium, cadmium, phenol, trihalomethanes (from chlorine that cause cancer), diazinon, malathion, parathion, as well as all other harmful chemicals were removed to non-detectable levels.  Silver was present in the water at 2.7 ppm


Ultra-filtration Membranes
Ultra filtration membranes surround the activated carbon filter in the Harmony's filter, giving you a superior level of filtration.  Ultrafiltration membranes are porous filters with pore sizes in the region of a few to a few hundred nanometers.  They trap and suspend particles and effectively remove bacteria, micro-organisms, and more without having to discard any water.

There are seven total stages in the Harmony water filter.  It starts with an antifungal felt which serves as a sediment prefilter.  Next is the activated carbon chamber, followed by a stage of coral calcium to add soluable minerals to your water, then another felt, then another stage of activated carbon, finally there two stages of ultra-filtration membranes.  Because of this multi-stage approach, almost everything will be removed from your water besides the soluable minerals making your water perfectly prepared to be ionized.  Please click here to learn more about specific contaminants that threaten your drinking water and how effective the EWTS Harmony filter is at removing them.