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Buyer Beware/Comparison Chart

Buyer Beware:  Chem 1 and Kangen Miracle Water 

Here at Environemental Water Treatment Services we receive many phone calls asking the same questions -- Do water ionizers really work?  Is Kangen water better than any other water?

This article is intended to answer those questions and help you make the best possible decision about purchasing a water ionizer. 

Chem 1 and Chemist Mr. Stephen Lower: 

Chem 1 is a company run by chemist Stephen Lower that specializes in "debunking" fradulant water products.  Unfortunately, Mr. Lower believes that water ionizers are also fradulant.  He doesn't believe that the charged titanium plates have enough effect on the water to actually separate the alkaline from acidic properties.  He backs this up with his formulas and theories and concludes that any benefit gained by drinking "ionized" water is a placebo effect.  He calls any research on the subject "pseudoscience."

Anyone who owns or sells a water ionizer is bothered by these claims.  Every water ionizer company distributes pH drops with their machine, including ours, to show that the pH is changing.  TheEWTS Harmony even measures the pH and ORP automatically. Those who are more skeptical, we encourage to buy pH and ORP meters to see the results for themselves. 

The truth is if a water ionizer couldn't lower ORP, raise pH, and fill your glass with oxygen like we claim, with the abundance of water testing materials available to the everyday consumer, how could water ionizer companies stay in business?  Why aren't we all in jail for fraud? Does Mr. Lower actually believe that in 35 years of distribution, 15 here in the US, no one bothered to test the pH from their water ionizer? The fact is everyone does.  Everyone who spends $900, $1000, $1200 on an ionizer tests their water -- most quite thoroughly.  And it is the glowing testimonials and referrals from these customers that have built the foundation for companies like EWTSand Environmental Water Treatment Services. 

What Mr. Lower fails to take into account is every water ionizer uses a membrane to separate the alkaline from the acidic properties of water.  This is what makes ionization possible, it stops the alkaline and acidic properties from cancelling each other out (like he claims).  If Mr. Lower actually reviewed and tested one of our machines, like we have offered on a couple separate occasions, he would see that the membrane makes all the difference and once he factors that into his formulas, his conclusion will be what thousands of doctors and scientists have already concluded -- alkaline, electrolyzed water is not only possible, but profound.

Since testing began nearly fifty years ago on ionized water -- the research has been staggering.  Lowering or raising the ORP of water has amazing effects on what that water comes in contact with.  In plants, ionized acidic water is used to increase growth and production and fend of pests (insects hate it).  In people, ionized alkaline water has been used as a natural solvent for weight loss and high blood pressure, as a neutralizer to carbolic acids in our joints from arthritis and other diseases, as a natural energizer for fatigue, and as an overall body balancer by raising our pH over time.  In our resource center on this site, you will find fifty years worth of research on all types of human ailments, all showing positive benefits from ionized, alkaline water, all from respected scientists from around the world.  

Why?  Because ionized water is essential to our bodies, giving them an abundance of oxygen and energy, that all our bodily systems use to repair, balance, and enhance their functioning.  Every person, young or old, sick or healthy, needs a strong supply of oxygen and energy everyday.  That's why it's profound when we can get all we need from our water, like mother nature intended.

Mr. Stephen Lower is doing his community and his world a tremendous disservice by spreading this misinformation about water ionizers.  We have asked him politely to remove his articles.  But since he has refused, all major water ionizer distributors are teaming up to collectively form the World Water Ionizer Association, to challenge Mr. Lower's claims, and it's only a matter of time before truth will prevail over his ignorance.  Don't take this man's word.  Run your own tests.  We give every buyer sixty days to try out our product risk free just for this reason.


"Kangen" Water by Enagic: 

 We get several calls a day from people who have attended a demonstration put on by Enagic and their "Kangen" water from their Levoluk Water Ionizers. The question is always the same -- can our machines create "Kangen" water?  People believe that because the Enagic SD-501 "Kangen" water ionizer costs over $3980, it must be special.

It's not. "Kangen" water is just a term used by Enagic to market their ionized water. It means "return to origin", which is what all water ionizers strive to do to water.  In fact, Kangen machines are basic 3 plate, 5 plate, and 7 plate water ionizers.  The water produced by these machines is no better than most other comparably plated machines.

The reason why Kangen machines are so expensive is because of the business structure of Enagic.  They are an MLM company, meaning there are eight levels of dealers who get paid each time a sale is made.  For all of those dealers to be happy, the price has to be high. 

That's it.  No magic water.  Just business.

Kangen water machines are also missing many of the innovations of theEWTS Harmony Water Ionizer such as double sized plate, SMPS electrical system, automatic pH and ORP measurement, and more.  To see a list, please review the comparison chart below.

Kangen water machines also claim to be the only machines capable of producing super acid water.  This isn't true either.  They use a separate container on the machine to house saline solution.  Salt is a strong conductor of electricity and enhances the ionization.  The machine isn't better, it's the salt that makes the difference.  And you can add salt to the mineral port of theEWTS Harmony if you need strong acidic water.    

Compare Water Ionizers

EWTSHarmony Jupiter Melody

Enagic Levoluk SD-501 Kangen Water Ionizer

Jupiter Orion/Aquarius

Gold Fox EP 1000

Alkablue VF

Number of Electrode Plates 5 (double sized) 5 7 5
Platinum or White Gold in Plates?  White Gold Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum Platinum
Adjusts Electrical Current to Match Source Water? Yes. No. No. No. But it adjusts water flow to plates. No. No.
Uses Transformer? No Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
PH and ORP Measurement? Yes No. No. No. Yes. No.
Mineral Port? Yes. Yes. Yes (with saline solution) Yes. No. No.
Number of pH levels Customizable (as many as 64) 7 7 9 4 8
Color changing screen? Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No.
Measures water used? Yes, by actual liters. Yes, by timer. Yes, by timer. Yes, by timer. Yes, by actual liters. Yes, by timer.
Water flow control? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. Yes.
Carbon Activated Filter (in microns): .01 standard .1 or .01 (costs more)  No filter information on their website. .1 or .01 (costs more) 1 micron 1 or .03 (costs more)
Warranty 5 years 2 years 5 years 3 years 1 year 2 years
Price $1199 (payment plan available) $1040 $3980 $1495 $795 $850

Chart Analysis: 

Number of plates:  The EWTS Harmony offers five double sized plates. The plates in the Jupiter models are standard sized.  The Gold Fox has six larger plates but they don't use pure titanium.  The Alkablue Variable Flow has 5 and Enagic Levoluk SD-501 has 7. 

Platinum or white gold?  The EWTS Harmony is the only water ionizer to use white gold instead of platinum to cover its plates.  White gold is much cooler so it won't slowly break down or pit your plates from heat.  It is also quieter and ionizes better. The manufacturer estimates theEWTS Harmony's plates will last a lifetime. All other ionizers offer between 10 and 20 lifespan estimates for their plates.

Adjusts electrical current?  The EWTS Harmony is the only water ionizer that adjusts its electrical current to match the mineral content of your input water, making sure you always get stable, consistent water at the pH you choose.  Every other ionizer will give you a range of results based on the mineral content of your source water, making for inconsistent, unstable water.

Uses Transformer?  The EWTS Harmony is the only water ionizer to use the SMPS electrical system instead of a transformer.  A transformer produces heat that will cause stress and slowly break a unit down.   

 pH and ORP Measurement? The EWTS Harmony measures the pH and ORP of the water as its making it.  No other ionizer does this except for the Gold Fox.

Mineral Port:  TheEWTS Harmony, Jupiter Melody, and Enagic SD-501 all offer mineral ports where a user can add mineral to their water to enhance ionization.

Number of pH levels: The EWTS Harmony has customizable pH levels.  By pushing either the "+" or "-" key, users can program in the exact pH or ORP that they want and theEWTS Harmony will create it, giving users the ability to drink consistent pH water as part of their diet.  All other water ionizers offer between 4 and 8 alkaline and acidic levels.

Color changing screen: The EWTS Harmony, the Jupiter Aqarius, the Jupiter Melody, and the Gold Fox offer color changing screens that display the color of the pH or ORP of the water. 

Measures water used?  TheEWTS Harmony measures the exact amount of liters used and tells users the exact time to change their filter (7000 liters).  All other water ionizers use a timer based on how long the unit has been turned on. 

Water flow control: The EWTS Harmony comes with a water flow control valve that you can install anywhere that's convenient for you.  The Jupiter Melody has one built into the unit and so does the Alkablue VF.

Carbon Activated Filter:  The EWTS Harmony has a seven stage .01 micron carbon activated filter.  Most other filters range between 1 micron and .01 micron and usually offer between 3 and 9 filtration stages.