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All About Ionized Water


So what is an alkaline water ionizer?

Simply put, mother nature never intended for us to drink water from the tap. Water in its natural state is alkaline (between 7.5 and 9.5 pH), full of oxygen, minerals from rocks, and energy from the sun that works like an antioxidant in our bodies.  But when water is treated municipally, it loses it's energy because it sits around in holding tanks for long periods of time, the oxygen dissipates, and any alkalinity is lost making the water acidic.  What's worse, the water is also contaminated with flouride and chlorine and other substances toxic to our bodies.  

The acidic tap water we drink (and acidic bottled water too...) along with acidic foods we consume like meats, bread, rice, oil, and potatoes end up making our body pH acidic.  Our bodies must remain at least at a neutral pH of 7.0 to feel good, balanced, and energized. Acid breaks down our bones and tissues, it makes us feel stressed, it gives us headaches, it messes up our bowel movements and digestion, and leads to adult onset diseases like cancer, arthritis, and more.

Simply put, a EWTS water ionizer fixes all of this. Alkaline water produced by our EWTS water ionizer and water filter produces water at a pH of at least 9.5, over time naturally balancing our body's pH by neutralizing the acid in it. Through electrolysis, it breaks up the H2O molecule and changes it to OH-, immediately releasing tons of oxygen into your water to the point its cloudy.  The minus sign refers to the water taking on energy in the form of hydroxl ions, which work as a natural antioxidant in our bodies, cleaning out our cells in the same fashion as the antioxidants in orange juice or blue berries. 

The other important process that happens during electrolysis is microclustering.  This means that the molecules of water are attracted to each other and become much closer together.  This means you end up getting more water molecules in your water, hydrating your cells six times as effectively as bottled or tap water.

When you drink pure, alkaline water it is absorbed immediately and the antioxidant quality of it attaches to the toxins inside your cells and flushes them from your body. The less toxins, the more balanced your pH. The more balanced your pH, the more efficient your body runs.

Drinking alkaline water can lead to quicker recovery times from illness or surgery, a stop of the progression of degenerative diseases like arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia and more. Even if you don't have major diseases or illnesses, with a balanced pH level your metabolism will be more efficient making it easier to lose weight and gain the most from what you eat. You can also expect to feel more energy, have clearer thoughts, and less stress by drinking ionized water. To learn more about the health benefits of ionized water, please refer to our information section.

EWTS Water Ionizers was started by master water technician Mr. Kim Young Kwi. His research has won many awards and so have his water ionizers. Now he is up for the Nobel Prize for his research. All EWTS Water Ionizers are approved by Japan's and Korea's ministries of health, whose standards are stricter than the US health department, as being medical devices. EWTS Water Ionizers has also developed and patented the components for each of their water ionizers. They are one of a kind.

We work to make our water ionizers affordable and reliable. We offer a six month free payment plan. We also offer 60 days to try EWTS Water Ionizers out and see for yourself how well they work. Finally, we offer a five year warranty just in case something goes wrong but the repair rate on our water ionizers is minimal. Click on the links below to learn more.

Thanks for your interest in EWTS water ionizers!